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Discover our game mechanics inspired by the real OIL extraction

OIL extraction

Our Game Mechanics are directly inspired by real oil extraction. We offer you different ways to extract your OIL with the Reward Items.

When you extract OIL you obtain $cOIL (Crude OIL) which is not refined. You will have to refine it before to obtain $OIL.

Reward Items durability

All your reward items have a maximum durability and need maintenance over the time. If you don't Repair your items your extraction rate (rewards) will decrease. To keep a good production rate make sure to repair your them.

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Boost your extraction

You have different ways to extract more $cOIL (earn more rewards) :

  • Leveling up your Reward Items. Your Pumps & Wellheads will be more efficient and will gives you more $cOIL at each block.

  • Build a Derrick Tower.

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Refine your $cOIL

After extraction you obtain $cOIL which as to be refined before to obtain $OIL.

To refine your $cOIL you have to buy a Refinery. The more time you Refine $cOIL, the more you lower your Claim Fee's. After refinement you claim $OIL that you can sell on Trader Joe.

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Your Refinery can be boosted using the Windmill to reduce the refinement duration.

Compound your $cOIL rewards

Thanks to the Storage you can claim your $cOIL rewards and store them. Then you can use it to buy new Reward Items, Booster Items and other stuff to increase your Oil production.

Be careful of your storage

Your Reward Items have a maximum storage capacity. You need to be careful of its storage and Refine or Store your current $cOIL rewards in the Tanker every 72 hours to make sure your production rate stay at its higher level.

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Claiming your rewards

After extraction you have to transfer your rewards to the Storage.

Then you have 2 choices :

  • Refine your $OIL (check Refinery) and therefor reduce your claim fees depending on the refinement State of your $OIL

  • Claim your rewards and be subject to high claim fees

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