💸Reward Items

Reward items cost a certain amount of $OIL and gives you an amount of $OIL each block.

Each Item is represented by a unique 3D model placed on one of your plot.

It also has its own specialty. And together, they allow you to optimize your yields.

The Item List is subject to evolution, either proposed by the devs or by the community.

Clog and Decay

All Reward items have multiple attributes :

  • Storage : which influence how much $cOIL they can stock before being full. If it is full, their rewards are divided by 2. To empty your Storage, simply Claim your rewards. It is set to 48 Hours for every Reward Item, each time you level up your items, you get 2 hours of Storage more.

  • Durability : number of blocks before your Reward Items needs to be repaired.When broken, you will earn 0 reward. Repairing an Item is very advantageous for the Player, because it keeps all the upgrade made before, allowing you to Scale your revenue.

Refine or Store

In your Reward Items you will be able to choose if you want to Refine your rewards or Store them. Refine your rewards will directly send all your rewards to the Refinery, when Store will send your rewards to your Storage.

Storage is useful if you want to buy new items directly in $cOIL to avoid taxes, in other terms if you want to compound your rewards.

Leveling Up

You can level up all your Reward Item, for 10% of its Initial Price, boosting its Storage and Rewards by 2 hours and 2% respectively, up to 10 Hours and 10% at level 5. The maximum level, for now, is 6.

BOOSTING only apply on the rewards without counting the ROI , so a 10% Boost on a Golden Pump will boost your rewards by 10% of 7.5 so 0.75%.

You can find a non exhaustive list of the Reward Items available :

Oil Pump

Price (OIL / cOIL)Total ROIDurabilityMin. APR (estimated)Level Up PriceRepair Price



7 days




Wellhead (Christmas Tree)

The Wellhead works exactly like the Oil Pump, However, its lifetime is only 3 Day and costs 10 $OIL.

Price (OIL / cOIL)Total ROIDurabilityMin. APR (estimated)Level Up PriceRepair Price



3 days




Golden Pump

Price (OIL / cOIL)Total ROIDurabilityMin. APR (estimated)Level Up PriceRepair Price



15 days




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